Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Blessing of Excellence at Work

Posted by Raymund Tamayo

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While God requires us to work, at the same time, He leads others to pay us a fair wage for the work we do. We find a marvelous example of good compensation for excellence at work in the life of Joseph, the eleventh son of Jacob.


Joseph’s spiteful brothers sold him into slavery to some passing merchants, and eventually the young man became the property of a powerful Egyptian official. 

Yet despite Joseph’s slavery, “The LORD was with Joseph, so he became a successful man… Now his master saw that the LORD was with him and how the LORD caused all that he did to prosper in his hand. So Joseph found favor in his sight and became his personal servant; and he made him overseer over his house, and all that he owned he put in his charge… the LORD blessed the Egyptian’s house on account of Joseph… So he left everything he owned in Joseph’s charge” (Genesis 39:2-6).


Joseph did not own the large Egyptian estate he managed. Yet he had full run of it. Even though he was in a difficult place, God was using him, and he was fully in charge of his master’s property. 

He lived well, ate well, and dressed well. He had all of his material needs met. Why? Because the Lord caused his master to deal with him favorably. And the same can be true in our life.


If you are giving your best effort at work and are trusting God to give you wisdom in all of your endeavors, then watch for the ways in which the Lord will cause others to bless you.

Final Notes:

Potiphar also received blessings in return. He had no worries or concerns while Joseph managed his household. Joseph had proven himself worthy of his trust.

God calls us to excellence in our work and to do all we can to earn the trust of those who work with us or who supervise us. How can we motivate ourselves to reach this high standard? The best way is to consciously acknowledge God’s presence in every area of our work. The knowledge that God is with us as we work will energize us every day.
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