Sunday, August 2, 2015

8 Ways to Get Ready for the Second Coming of Christ

Post written by Raymund Tamayo

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One of the most obvious certainties about earthly existence is the fact that someday each one is going depart from this world. This is as evident as saying that the sun is bright. 

However, it's sad to know that only a few people are watchful or even considering the unavoidable appointment with death or the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Be Aware Of Your Own Biological Clock

Our good and gracious God was even nice enough to put in place a biological clock that would remind us of our temporal status, yet people still ignore the warning signs. 

These wake-up calls haven’t escaped my attention. 

At age 36, I’ve noticed changes in my body fat, eyesight, mental capacity, and joints. 

They all express one common message: “Hey, Raymund, this is your halftime warning!”

Eternal Retirement Plan

With our earthly departure certain, you would think that everyone would have an eternal retirement plan in the works. 

Most people don’t have any physical retirement plan prepared, so how do you expect them to have any eternal, heavenly retirement plan?

Heaven is Real

Bible-believing Christians are not far behind the unbelievers. 

They believe in heaven, but they tend to think of it as something to look forward to in the unforeseeable future, rather than an actual destination. 

According to the Scriptures, heaven is an actual city with most of the same features you would find in any earthly city (Revelation 21). 

Jesus said His followers would be rewarded with their own mansions (John 14:3-4), but few Christians seem to grasp the significance of this eternal blessing. 

When was the last time you thought of yourself as the owner of a large mansion?

How to Get Ready for Christ’s Coming

Apart from preparing for death, there is something that we should be equally prepared for, Jesus Christ's Second Coming.

This is one of the most important Christian doctrines that all believers should be well aware of.

To know in detail how to get ready for our Lord Jesus' Second Coming, attend a small group in your local church.

But I can give you some short and simple advice on how to do so:

1. Repent and receive the free gift of Salvation God is offering through Jesus Christ. Make Jesus your personal Lord and Savior.

2. Keep yourself holy before the Lord and obedient to Him. Keep yourself free from addictions, lusts, and all kinds of worldly passions.

3. Guard yourself from being lukewarm towards your love for God.

4. Learn to forgive quickly and completely.

5. Put Jesus first before everything. Commitment. Availability. Surrender your life to Christ.

6. Don’t steal from the Lord. Don’t neglect to give your tithes and offerings.

7. Stay focused on Jesus no matter what. The perfect way to combat depression and negative thinking.

8. Share with God’s passion. God's passion is bringing back lost souls to his presence. Let us do our part as God commanded it.

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, let us all persevere and get ready for the coming of the King! Exciting times indeed!
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