Friday, April 3, 2015

My Thoughts on God’s Promise of Eternal Life

Post written by Raymund Tamayo

I’m sure of God’s promise that whoever has Jesus Christ in his life has eternal life (1 John 5:11-13). Why? Because He said so. That is what I believe. That is my faith.

The nature of my personal relationship with Christ

Christ is a kind, caring, encouraging, compassionate, and generous Father and friend to me.

I never doubt His love for me. I love Him in return. I’m loyal and faithful to Him.

Through wisdom from His Word I know what He wants and I try to do as it is.

If I were to sin, I’m confident of his forgiveness and mercy, but will not abuse it.

He is my protector and refuge. I have faith in him.

What makes me want to follow Him and do what is right? My love for the Lord. That is the driving force of my life.

It is really all that simple.
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