Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Best Way to Love Your Spouse

Post written by Raymund Tamayo

There are a lot of ways to demonstrate your love for your spouse. But there is only one way to guard your marriage and make it stronger.

You can show warmth or a special fondness. You can regard your spouse as your best friend. You can experience the deepest and greatest physical intimacy. But feelings alone are not enough to tide you through all the seasons.

Today your spouse is your best friend, and tomorrow you can’t stand one another. It’s normal and it happens. Nobody is perfect.

The kind of love that will protect a marriage is built on the foundation of selflessness. Agape love – the kind of love God gives us – is a love that desires only what is best for the other person. It is an active kind of love, something that pays attention even to the smallest details.

For a husband, it means remembering your wife’s birthday and your anniversaries. It means helping around the house and with the kids even if you are tired after a whole day’s work. And most important of all (and what seems to be the hardest), actually taking time to sit down with her and have a meaningful, interactive conversation.

For a wife, it means being interested in your husband’s work and hobbies. It means sometimes being quiet and listening to what he has to say and not putting words into his mouth. It means giving your support and encouragement for him in public. We husbands appreciate that more than anything else.

Agape love is unconditional love – you love only because… you love. It is your choice.

If loving your spouse selflessly is difficult or a chore for you, think about how Jesus loves you. Jesus willingly gave up His life for you and clothed you in His great righteousness just to be able to have you with Him forever.

He only asks you to love your spouse in the same unconditional way that He loves you.
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