Thursday, July 3, 2014

Night Thoughts

Poem written by Raymund Tamayo

Denielle and I, circa 2005, a month before our marriage.

by Raymund Tamayo

Because of you, the quiet night sings a
sweet melody of broken sadness.
I search for your face, but no one
else had your rhythm, your light,
nobody had your tiny crooked feet.

Because of you, I love the blue stars
sleeping in blankets, the blue stars that
have neither strength nor warmth.

You are whole, exact, and all you are is pure,
and so I go along, with you I float along,
loving the trees, the clouds, the time.

Like a church on a Monday,
eyelids are sticky, soaked in longings.
But when I hold you, I hold everything,
clouds, time, trees, and blankets.

Because of you, the kindness of the
night consumes me; because of you, I again
seek out warmth from this cold bitter night;
like cricket songs, like falling leaves.

(August 2005)
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