Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Find Peace by Letting Go

Post written by Raymund Tamayo

Letting go is essential to find peace. I apply it in my life not only with the physical stuff, but more importantly in “emotional” clutter.

Ten times out of ten I’ve discovered that I never regret throwing away anything that isn’t useful, beautiful, or joyful in my life – be it physical possessions or hurtful emotions.

The garbage in our life includes old clothes that we never wear (sometimes new ones, became old stored in our cabinets), old utensils that we never use (sometimes new, again stored in our cupboards), old electronics which do not work, old shoes that hurt our feet when we wear them, old towels that scratch more than absorb the moisture in our body, rusty tools that were more likely to injure someone than to function well, rusty relationships, rusty emotions, old angers, old hurts, memories of old lovers that still hurt, and the ghosts of girlfriends/boyfriends past. Yes, all of that included.

Let it go. Throw it away. Say goodbye. Move on.

Most of the time we hold on to someone or something because we fear of having regrets, or we fear of being alone, or because of sentimental reasons. That old love letter from someone who probably doesn’t even think about you anymore. Or that ancient wedding/birthday giveaway whose main function is collecting dust; all these add clutter to our lives.

Garbage in our lives doesn’t only include old magazines, old posters, broken toys and defective remote controls. The biggest complicators in our lives are negative emotions like depression, bitterness, envy, doubt, cynicism, jealousy, and unwholesomeness in relationships.

There are unpleasant relationships that drain our energy, add no value to our life, and often only bring out the worst in us. Such relationships are like leech sucking our emotional blood and leave us feeling exhausted and hopeless.

By forgiving the offenders, letting go of such relationships, and moving on, we will create peace in our lives and a freshness that only comes from starting anew and having a clean slate, all by the grace of God.

It’s never too late to release forgiveness and get back our freedom. Life has a tendency to burden us with emotional baggage if we do not learn to declutter, forgive, let go, say goodbye, and move on.
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