Monday, May 12, 2014

Being On the Mountain

Post written by Raymund Tamayo

This morning, while having quiet time, I realized something.

I was sitting in front of my desk. Reading. Writing. Thinking.

I’m reading about Moses’ journey to the top of Mount Sinai, when God’s covenant with the people of Israel is being confirmed. The story is found in Exodus chapter 24.

In verse 12 of that passage, God tells Moses to go to the top of the mountain. And stay there. I was intrigued.

I imagine Moses was like “um, okay God, you’re the boss. You can prolong the discussion as long as you want.”

But a strange insight came to me. It seems like Moses didn’t get God’s point at once.

God doesn’t want him to go on top of the mountain, and then start evaluating their recent activities. He doesn’t want to him to be anxious on deliberating their next pursuits.

He doesn’t want him to worry about how he is going to get down or whether he failed to put out the fire at his tent before leaving. He doesn’t want him to spend all his time in planning, in activities, in worrying, and all those stuff.

Instead, God wants Moses to be with Him, and enjoy the moment. God wants to spend time with him, and take pleasure in his company. Just the two of them. How incredible is that?

So many times in life we have been too busy to even hear God’s whispers. Too busy to even go on top of the mountain, and stay there with Him for awhile. So many pressures, so many cares of this world.

Be on the mountain and confide to Him.

I’m not saying don’t plan, or don’t be organized. Just enjoy the planning process with Him.

I’m not saying don’t think about the future and hate the past. Just enjoy contemplating on the future, and learning from the past.

I’m not saying don’t do anything anymore with your time. Just remember to every day be on the mountain. And stay there for awhile.
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