Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cleaning Cobwebs

Post written by Raymund Tamayo

Writer’s note: This is a re-post from my former Multiply blog, Up on the Roof.

For the past four weeks I’ve been re-reading the book Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren and I remember the time when I first read it almost 6 years ago in December 2003.

During that time, after more than twenty days of reading and meditating and coming to know God in that spiritual journey, I realized that I was in a much worse state spiritually than when I started.

In my solitude with God, I began to have awful, sad, and guilty feelings and I kept on asking God “Why, Lord? Why do I feel this way?”

I prayed and prayed and it seemed like God wasn’t answering. I told God that when I set out on that 40-day spiritual journey I thought I would grow closer to Him, but that after those many days I was feeling a great deal worse.

Then one day, on the 28th day, God impressed something. “You are getting better, don’t worry,” He said.

“When you turn on the lights of an old house the first things you will see are the cobwebs, the dust, and the broken furniture. They were there all these time; except that you just can not see them in darkness. Now you are in the light, you have come to know your real self. You see all the cobwebs, the dust, and the broken furniture. It will now be easier for you to do your part in cleaning out your soul.”
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