Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to Make Every Day a Special Day

Post written by Raymund Tamayo

Sharing to you a special To-Do list on how to make every day a special day:

1. Tell and show someone I love her/him.

2. Praise someone I live or work with.

3. Read a book or an article to stimulate my thinking.

4. Do something that would increase my skill in my profession.

5. Do something to improve my health.

6. Do anything tough and challenging to build discipline.

7. Do something for the fun of it.

8. Take time to reflect on the lessons of the day.

9. Plan for another successful day tomorrow.

10. Pray and take care of my spiritual life.

11. Take time to meditate on Scriptures and feed my soul.

Try completing a few a day or everything in a day. See the difference and share your experiences in the comments.
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