Sunday, November 24, 2013

Enjoying the Present

Post written by Raymund and Denielle Tamayo

We’ve heard these following clichés: Saving the best for last. The best is yet to come.

There’s nothing wrong about having hope for the future. Actually, we need to have it. We need to hold on to the promises and plans of God for us (Jeremiah 29:11) so we can live more fully and without fear.

But let’s not forget that the best can also lie in the present.

You can celebrate and enjoy the NOW.

In fact, there are so many good things happening right now that we need to appreciate for they will never come again.

The Wonders of Childhood

Obviously, we can only experience childhood once. All of us eventually get older. The wonders of being a child: the innocence, enthusiasm to life, curiosity, and first experiences will never be matched by the next chapters of life.

The Energy of Adolescence

The continuous energy of youth, the startling amazement of becoming aware of one’s own sexuality, being attracted to another person and falling in love for the first time, these are beyond compare.

The Responsibilities of Adulthood

The adventure of starting life together with another person, the miracle of looking after a fetus grow in the womb of its mother and the sheer joy of its birth, the challenges and joys of parenthood, the passion and fulfillment of doing what you love at work, we treasure these.

The Wisdom of Old Age

Leaving a life of legacy, passing on of wisdom and knowledge to those younger, remembering a life well-lived, these are all worthy of celebration.

Enjoying the Present

May we not live only in the expectation of someday things will get better. Whatever our circumstances, let us live, celebrate, and enjoy the present. Let’s learn to recognize all the blessings around us.

Enjoying the present doesn’t mean it will be easy along the way. It just means that we are thankful of the life our Almighty Creator has given us and we don’t want to put it to waste.
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