Monday, July 29, 2013

Reading is a Blessing

Post written by Raymund Tamayo


In general, I think Filipinos are not readers. Why? Authors and writers in this country are hardly recognized and supported.

Filipinos would rather listen to the radio or watch TV more, than read.

Unfortunately, we tend to listen to and watch unproductive shows.

We need more knowledge on how to live a better life, but what do most of us do? Instead of consuming media that will give us and our family the knowledge, we choose those that give us nothing.

I once heard a popular Filipino inspirational speaker say “You grow to be the person you will become five years from now by the people you hang out with.”

Correct. But, I’ve got a new twist to that: You grow to be the person you will become five years from now by the books that you read.

In other words, you can’t grow as a person unless you bring positive influences into your life, consistently.

Most people rarely make new friends, have mentors, or build into the lives of others. They rarely or never read meaningful and enriching books or articles. So what can be expected of them?

Reading is a gateway for growth. Books contain information, insight, and inspiration – all of which contributes greatly to our mental and spiritual development. Without the guidance of books, we are only guessing.

Books contain the experiences of people who have failed miserably, as well as those who have achieved greatly, and we can learn a lot from both.

Great books present ideas and concepts that stretch beyond our self-imposed limits.

This is especially true with the Bible, the greatest bestseller of all time.

The Bible teaches us, corrects us, inspires us, and points us to the Author, our Creator and Father in heaven.

King David wrote in Psalm 19:10 that the words of God are more desirable than gold and sweeter than honey. The Bible is the basic guide for living life. And by “basic,” I mean most important.

Make it a habit to read it daily, as well as other enriching books and articles that provides spiritual growth. You will be amazed by the results.
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