Monday, July 1, 2013

Focus on the Creator

Post written by Raymund Tamayo

COSMOS. Source:

The world in which we live in is one of the greatest proofs for the existence of God. The very fact that the universe exists at all point to a Creator.

Even the most cynical scientist does not believe that everything around us came from nothing.

There had to be a beginning. And if there was a beginning, there had to be Someone to begin everything.

But God didn’t just create the world; He designed it.

Whether you study the cosmos or the human body, you will find that the systems and cycles and rhythms of life operate with incredible precision.

And like many others, including a large number of the world’s top scientists, you will conclude that all of it came from an intelligent Designer, who is powerful, personal, and loving.

Yet in spite of the evidence around us, people have done a strange thing. They have chosen to focus on the creation rather than the Creator.

The apostle Paul wrote that people worship the things God made but not He Himself.

That would be like seeing a beautiful painting and concluding that the artist had nothing to do with it, or that the artist really didn’t matter.

Or tasting something so delicious, we do not wonder who cooked it.

We just don’t do that. We acknowledge and praise the artist or the chef while showing appreciation for the product.

The same thing goes for God’s creation. We are to appreciate it, protect it, and even manage it while preserving it.

But we should never worship creation. All praise should go to the Creator, God Almighty.
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