Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Old Guitar

Post written by Raymund Tamayo

I had this guitar since 2003, December 9 to be exact. I acknowledge it as the first tangible gift God gave me.

I received the Lord in my heart December 8, 2003, and the first thing I ever prayed for was a guitar. Back then, I thought I was the only guitar player who didn’t have his own guitar.

A day later the Lord answered and there I have it.

Just last week, after more than five years, I decided to give it away because I don’t use it anymore. All the strings were gone and there were already cracks on the neck and body. I thought that I should get rid of it as it only clutters our quiet time room.

I packed it into its case and left it at the living room together with my wife’s guitar, which, incidentally, she wanted to get rid of also. They both had similar casings.

Her guitar was more of a mess; the fret board was already detachable, and its bridge broken. I told my brother, who was living with us in the same house, that he could take the guitars for himself or give it to someone else he wanted to.

He said, “Okay, I’ll take one and will give it to my girlfriend’s brother.”

I said, “Go ahead.”

Two days passed and I noticed that there was only one guitar left in the living room. I was a little disappointed because I very much wanted to dispose both.

As I picked it up and opened the case, I was surprised to find my old guitar inside. I expected my brother to take it and leave my wife’s guitar because of the more obvious deterioration of the latter.

At once I heard the Lord impressed to me, “Why do you want to give away the first gift I gave you? Don’t you know that it is a reminder of our reconciliation?”

So I put it right back in its proper place – inside our quiet time room.

Writer’s Note: This was an entry in my journal dated October 30, 2008. If you’re curious, last year I already gave the guitar away to a very dear friend after getting a new one… and told him its story.
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