Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Post written by Raymund Tamayo

Most of us give up too easily in nearly everything we attempt or hope to do. Designing a bridge takes talent, building it, muscle and diligence. Each of us has those qualities in one measure or another. Why is it we can identify these talents so easily in others but find it hard to discern them in ourselves?

That is not so much a question as it is a fact. Early in our lives many of us (and I include myself in that number) never sticks to a plan long enough to fail at it. No one succeeds in everything they try… but without failure, how do we learn to prevent failing the next time?

In love? Well, yes, sometimes. It may be that an ordinary act of making love makes us feel extraordinary – though what is so ordinary about an act of gentleness toward another, when we are told by preachers, teachers, and over-reachers of these times, that we shouldn’t concern ourselves with self? The secret is to learn how to catch yourself when you fall and fail, and not repeat it again.

Whether it’s career, athletics, or raising a family: Make a plan. Stick to the blueprint until you’re sure it doesn’t work. Rethink, come in sideways if front on doesn’t lead you to your destination. You will be amazed and strengthened as you discover how many hidden talents you employed in getting from A to Z. And, of course, all of these should come with prayer and guidance from God; I assume we all know that.

Living your life without a plan is like building a house destined for destruction. Imagine constructing a building without a plan, well, it’s bound to be in ruins. God will be with us if we choose Him to be with us. He’s the type who doesn’t force Himself on His created beings. But He always waits for us to make a step towards Him, and He promises to step towards us threefold.

There’s no easy way through life, but I promise you, perseverance works. Never lose hope. It built The Pyramids and the China Wall. Apply it. Surely it can do a little something for you as it did for me.
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