Thursday, July 26, 2012

Come, Join Us for Coffee

Post written by Denielle Tamayo

Imagine yourself sitting in a patio sipping that cup of freshly brewed coffee…

enjoying that crisp early morning breeze and the calming scenery of green…

feet propped up on a stool, minding every breath that goes in and out of your nostrils…

thanking God for the blessing of allowing you to open your eyes to another great day… (sigh)


Again, welcome to Plain Haven.

I never thought I would be writing my first official blog post as one of the main content creators of a website. When Raymund told me that this is a joint venture for us, I was a bit hesitant because, hey, I’m a wife and a mom of two growing kids. Our daily routine alone stresses me out. I didn’t think I would have the time to sit, contemplate, and write something.

But when he explained the purpose of this blog, I was surprised by how convinced I was that I, too, needed this haven to unwind and relax.

He has been encouraging me to write again for a long time now – to the point of persuading me to compose a couple of entries in his personal blog – and now this: a wonderful excuse to squeeze out my creative juices and go to that place my husband and I can call our own (which we happily share with you, our dear readers!).

Some of my friends have also been talking me into writing more articles like those of what I post on my Facebook status. Shaula Tamayo-Marasigan, Ethel Valerio-Navarro, here it is! :)

I know we cannot offer much since we’re just early on in our experiences but we hope to be an encouragement with the help of wisdom from God’s Word, books we read, people we learn from, and circumstances we go and have gone through.

What I have learned as we open up this new endeavour? Never hesitate. It won’t hurt to make time and make room for some peace and quiet. I believe it to be a necessity.

So, let me pour you another cup of hot coffee to warm your hands. I hope you don’t mind joining us to enjoy this crisp early morning breeze and the calming scenery of green, feet propped up on a stool.
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