Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Peace and Quiet Manifesto: 100 Ideas for a Life of Peace and Quiet

Post written by Raymund and Denielle Tamayo

Living a life of peace and quiet has different meanings for every one.

For some it means a life of voluntary simplicity; of getting things in order and eliminating as much excess in life as possible.

For others, peace and quiet meant staying in the “backstage”; refusing to have leadership or prominent roles at home, in school, at work, or in church, and just settle for assisting in the background.

Some think peace and quiet is having financial freedom; being an entrepreneur: managing your own time and income, and providing valuable products to the world.

For us, living a life of peace and quiet is a combination of many things. It means slowing down and appreciating the moment.

It means staying healthy physically, financially, and socially.

It means constant personal and spiritual growth.

It means making a meaningful contribution to the lives of others.

We must admit a life of peace and quiet is never easy to achieve. But it certainly is possible.

Here are a hundred ideas on how to achieve peace and quiet in life (doesn’t matter who you are, and in no particular order):

1.                       Pray.
2.                       Have a daily quiet time.
3.                       Read God’s Word every day.
4.                       Think pure, noble, and godly thoughts.
5.                       Realize your self-worth.
6.                       Be humble.
7.                       Be gentle and kind.
8.                       Be honest.
9.                       Be loving.
10.                   Be generous. Not only in finances, but also in time and attention.
11.                   Tell wholesome jokes, and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.
12.                   Love your spouse and children unconditionally.
13.                   Sing songs of worship to God.
14.                   Sing relaxing songs.
15.                   Listen to relaxing music.
16.                   Watch inspirational movies.
17.                   Live a simple life.
18.                   Prioritize. Focus on the most important things.
19.                   Discover God’s purpose for your life.
20.                   Declutter your home and work space.
21.                   Sleep early, wake up early.
22.                   Eat healthy.
23.                   Have consistent exercise.
24.                   Play a sport.
25.                   Take short walks every day.
26.                   Drive quietly.
27.                   Keep your finances in order.
28.                   Live within your means.
29.                   Build an emergency fund.
30.                   Stay out of debt.
31.                   Save and invest.
32.                   Sometimes splurge.
33.                   Spend wisely.
34.                   Know the difference between want and need.
35.                   Be content with what you have, but never satisfied of what you can become.
36.                   Put people over things.
37.                   Proactively seek personal and spiritual growth.
38.                   Contribute to the greatness in others.
39.                   Single-task. Do one thing at a time.
40.                   Make plans, but keep them flexible.
41.                   Be quick to forgive.
42.                   Forgive completely those who have hurt you.
43.                   Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made, and learn from them.
44.                   Learn to accept the things you cannot control.
45.                   Don’t expect on people.
46.                   Learn to take breaks often, be still, and breathe.
47.                   Have enough rest.
48.                   Stop over analyzing and start doing.
49.                   Stop judging others.
50.                   Don’t compare yourself to others.
51.                   Find reasons to laugh and smile every day.
52.                   Stop taking things personally, it’s not always about you.
53.                   Stop putting words on the mouths of others. Your assumptions are not always right.
54.                   See the best and good in others.
55.                   See the opportunities in times of calamities.
56.                   Don’t worry about the future.
57.                   Learn from the past.
58.                   Be mindful. Slow down and appreciate where you are right now.
59.                   Let go of petty things.
60.                   Schedule digital disconnect time.
61.                   Start a conversation with a positive thought.
62.                   Be thankful.
63.                   Recognize and appreciate simple pleasures.
64.                   Love truthfully and completely, and show it.
65.                   Be faithful in everything.
66.                   Stop being a packrat. Get rid of everything that isn’t useful, beautiful, or joyful.
67.                   Learn to let go.
68.                   Listen more.
69.                   Smile more often.
70.                   Say “please” and “thank you” more often.
71.                   Think good and great thoughts more often.
72.                   Read great books, especially the Bible.
73.                   Develop great and godly habits.
74.                   Have a journal.
75.                   Don’t be afraid to write down your thoughts.
76.                   Be excellent in whatever you do.
77.                   Always have hope.
78.                   Turn off the TV.
79.                   Turn off the radio.
80.                   Turn off the gaming console.
81.                   Turn off the computer.
82.                   Turn off your cell phone, or put it in silent mode.
83.                   Walk in nature.
84.                   Take a power nap.
85.                   Work hard but learn to quit for the day.
86.                   Do something nice for yourself every day.
87.                   Do something nice for someone every day.
88.                   Tell the people you love how you feel daily.
89.                   Count your blessing before sleeping and when you wake up.
90.                   Actively interact with positive people as much as you can.
91.                   Stay away from negative people.
92.                   Never respond, repeat, or encourage gossip.
93.                   Do your passion every day.
94.                   Have a right perspective of time. Accept that things always take longer than you think.
95.                   Don’t try to get everyone to agree with you. It’s impossible.
96.                   Encourage others as often as you can.
97.                   Make time to play with your children every day.
98.                   Learn to politely say “No.”
99.                   Remember that life on earth is temporary.
100.               Trust God more.

The items on this post are just our suggestions. They are not absolute and we don’t insist these as the only ways. We know there are many we don’t know, so please share them to us in the comments! :)
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