Thursday, June 28, 2012


Post written by Denielle Tamayo

Her eyes were heavy as she hears the faint steps of dawn approaching to embrace her. Still, she could not sleep. There was heaviness upon her chest as if trying to crush her lungs into pieces.

Breathing was difficult. Gasping would be more efficient than just inhaling the thin air that surrounds her. She sat up from lying, trying to shake worries slowly clouding her mind. She hugged herself whispering lyrics of prayer that would comfort her soul, waging war against the fear creeping upon her heart. She summoned for the heavens to cry with her for that would bring her peace. She lifted her being to surrender for her strength can no longer endure…

Alas, heavens opened to answer her call of desperation. As tears roll down her cheeks, her thirsty spirit was satisfied giving might to both weary body and soul. She lied down to give in to the sweet song of rest as she murmured gratitude to the King when He touched her saying, “Be still… war is over.”
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